About Mainline Dads

These are my reflections on what it means for me to be a dad on the Main Line. Most of my posts will reflect my experiences trying to raise a son (#1) and a daughter (#2) without scarring them more than necessary and without destroying my marriage to The Mother. Along the way I will alternately mock and praise other parents as it entertains me.

Dramatis personae:

#1 — see above.
#2 — see above.
The Mother — see above.
Beatrix — the generic girl name. One of the least common girl’s name in 1892.
Tobias — the generic boy name. One of the least common boy’s name in 1892.
Me — self explanatory, I hope.

While I am not new to being a dad, I am not an expert. Don’t emulate my behavior. Don’t look to me for advice or assistance. Don’t expect guidance or counsel. All I have to offer is sarcasm with a cynicism chaser and a full serving of irreverence. If that amuses you, then welcome.