Sandwich Bag Notes

This morning, as I finished making #2’s lunch, she trotted over and looked in her lunch box. Thinking she wanted something other than I had made for lunch, I asked: “What were you looking for?”

“Nothing,” she replied. Then, a moment later, she asked: “Why don’t you write notes on my sandwiches anymore?”[1]

My quick-and-dirty sandwich bag note.

My quick-and-dirty sandwich bag note.

Clearly she had noticed the writing on her sandwich bag. I explained that whenever I make lunches I write on the sandwich bags. She looked at me and said: “I like it when you write me notes. It makes me happy.”

Note to self, always write on sandwich bags.

  1. Background note here: For a number of years now I have had a habit of writing silly little notes on sandwich bags. I sometimes draw a pictures, but I am artistically inept, so my pictures usually are deformed stick figures with little speech balloons. When I’m really fancy, I draw a sun in the corner and a flower on the ground. I am not original in this nor am I particularly talented at it. David Laferriere is talented.  ↩


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  1. I occasionally leave notes in my boys’ lunch box, or backpack or somewhere for them to find them. They’ve always liked them. I like that you do it too. It’s a fun thing to stay connected with your kids. Good blog.

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