Are Kidneys the same as Kid Knees?

#2 has been a little sore and moving a bit slowly the last couple days. She fell from the monkey bars and landed on her back. This morning as I pressed different places on her back to see if she still hurt, The Mother remarked that she had been worried about #2’s kidneys. #2 looked up vaguely confused and pointed out that she had landed on her back.

The Mother: “Ya, that’s why I’m worried about your kidneys”
#2: “But my kid knees aren’t on my back. They’re right here. See, this is my kid knee.”

Number 2 points to her right kid knee.

#2 points to her right kid knee.

After we finished laughing, I explained what kidneys are and where they are. Of course, from now on I’m confident we’ll be talking about our kid knees and our adult knees and our old parent knees.