I’m Sorry (redux)

Being a good father, for me, is inextricably bound up with being a considerate, responsible adult. That means, taking credit and accepting responsibility for my actions.[1] Coincidentally, on the radio just now:

There comes a time in every man’s life when he’s got to
Look over his misdemeanors, misgivings, misfortunes and
Miss Whatever her name is ha ha
I’m sorry I’m sorry
Yeah and say you’re sorry, so I say, I’m sorry.

Just as it’s important to apologize to the progeny, it is equally important to apologize to The Mother, honestly and without qualification. No making excuses. No justifying actions. No explaining intent. So, taking my cue from the Hothouse Flowers:

I am sorry for frustrating you last night.
I needlessly and unhelpfully complicated the situation and misunderstood what you were trying to accomplish. I should have shut up and stayed out of the way.
I’m sorry.

  1. That saying about the pavement on the road to Hell applies here—intentions are irrelevant, especially when I’ve offended somebody.  ↩