Turn Nightmares into Sunrises

“Daddy! Save me!” #2 cried out at 6:06 AM.

When I got to her, #2 was sitting bolt upright in bed. Nightmare zombies (or other classic nightmare monsters) had haunted her sleep. I collected her up in my arms and tried to comfort her. It was dark. She had no intention of going back to sleep and confronting the zombies.

“Do you want to come watch the sunrise with me?” I asked.


The predawn sky grows slowly lighter.

The predawn sky grows slowly lighter.

I carried #2 down to our dining room and made her a glass of warm chocolate milk. #2 sat in my lap enveloped in my arms, her head leaning back against my chest. For the next hour or so we chatted quietly in the dark as the glowing eastern sky slowly vanquished the night’s vestigial shadows, and the monsters lurking in them.

One thought on “Turn Nightmares into Sunrises

  1. There’s nothing that feels safer than sitting on your daddy’s lap. I’m full grown and still sit on the arm of the recliner when I go home for visits!

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