Adventures in Parenting: “We Love Each Other”

Although it was a rainy day, #2 and I headed into the city for lunch and to run an errand. We made it our little adventure. We splashed through puddles on our way to the train station. We huddled under the roof at the station, dodging big drops that fell from the eaves. We hurried from the station to lunch. After lunch, we headed over to a cafe to warm up with hot chocolates. While there we took turns drawing pictures for each other (for the record, I cannot draw to save my life).

The last picture #2 drew before we had to leave warmed my heart in ways hot chocolate never will.

That’s me on the left, the one who needs a shave.

That’s me on the left, the one who needs a shave.

Parenting is indescribably hard and often painful. But in moments like this it is indescribably wonderful. #2 is right, “We do love each other.”


3 thoughts on “Adventures in Parenting: “We Love Each Other”

  1. That’s hilarious! The things they draw! I see you have no hands. My #2 does not ever give us any feet, and if he’s extremely happy or loving we are always under a rainbow. 🙂 why who knows but they make me smile.

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