Children are Humbling

However difficult, painful, exhausting, and [fill in your favorite description du jour], it is punctuated with little moments that are incredibly touching. Finding this note from #2 at my place at the dinner table was one such moment:

A note #2 left for me recently.

A note #2 left for me recently.


2 thoughts on “Children are Humbling

  1. Mine has just turned 3 years old. Every day when I come in from work she greets me by running to the door hollering “daddy, daddy, daddy!!” and hugs me. I tell you, no matter how lousy my day at work has been, that simple moment washes *everything* bad away from the world and at least for a moment there is a peace so absolute it makes me smile from deep enough inside to wet my eyes….

    • I completely understand what you mean. The world can be crashing down and for those few moments it doesn’t matter.

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