Retro Flintstone’s iPad

This morning #2 was having a hard time getting motivated for school, so I suggested we leave early and stop for some hot chocolate on the way. This seemed to ease the pain of going to school. At the local coffee shop we ordered our drinks and then sat down to play with our iPad. This is no ordinary iPad but a special edition retro “Flinstone’s iPad” that only Fred and Barney could appreciate.

Recently a local college was replacing the slate roofing on some dorms. They had a pile of chipped and broken slate that they were throwing away. We grabbed a few to make coasters, serving trays, house numbers and other hipster accessories. A couple days ago #2 remarked that they looked like stone iPads and pretended to use one as an iPad. A little chalk, a sponge, and voilà, we have an environmentally friendly (or at least friendlier) iPad.


Our “Flintstone’s iPad” has unlimited memory, never needs to be charged, and is water proof. Carrying one of these automatically enhances your retro-chic credit. Unfortunately, it is breakable, sort of heavy, and has a rather lo-res screen.

Nonetheless, we spent 30 minutes playing tic-tac-toe, hangman, and just drawing pictures.