Yes, This is Summer’s Last Breakfast

This morning #1, #2, and I went to breakfast. Holidays are treated like weekends in our house in that Mother sleeps in while the three of us scurry off for breakfast. We were drawing little pictures on napkins when #2 asked:

#2: Is today the last day of summer?
Me: Yes, it is. Tomorrow you go back to school.
#2: So is this the last breakfast of summer?
Me: Yep. Sorry.
#2: That makes me sad.
#1: But you’ll get to see all your friends.
#2: I don’t want to see them. I want to see daddy. Humpf.

Amongst all the quotidian “demands” it’s easy to forget how important time and attention are. Time spent together—not just near each other while playing with an iPad or iPhone but really spent together—is never squandered. Whatever happens to them in the future, wherever life takes them, they will have these memories, as will I. Nobody can take them away from us.