The Importance of Tiny Rituals

#2 and I have a new evening ritual. Just before going to bed, we go out onto the back patio and search for that first star so we can wish upon it. Last night I realized how important it is when #2 said, as we were getting ready for bed: “We have to go find a star! That’s what we do, even if #1 doesn’t want to, you and me do it.” So we scurried out onto the patio and spent the next few minutes, just the two of us, looking up for stars. Wispy clouds made it hard to find any. Then, #2 spotted one:

Star light, star bright,

The first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

#2 then turned to me: “When you finish making your wish, we can go to bed.” I replied that I had already finished. “Good,” #2 said, “we can go to bed now.” #2 and I had done what we needed to do. It’s not fancy, or elaborate, or particularly time consuming, it’s just our little ritual.

As we walked back upstairs, I thought: “I wish our lives would always be so simple.”