Breakfast with the Progeny

This morning #1, #2, and I walked over to breakfast at a local cafe. On the way over we collected “acorns with hats” and imagined what sort of person they would be. We walked across a field filled with goose poop and had a contest to see who could step on the fewest “green worms”—we all lost. Over breakfast we wove coffee stirrers into fences, which enclosed our cups. The fences then became corrals for our acorn-with-hat people. The fences became teepees, which reminded #2 of summer camp (see picture below). The teepees fell apart and had to be reassembled. It was midday before we worked up the energy to stroll home, avoiding the “green worms” but still looking for “acorns with hats.”


Coffee-stirrer Teepee

Parenting doesn’t take a lot of money. It doesn’t require a special kit with pre-cut, ready-to-assemble crafts and hands-on projects. A little imagination, and some time and attention go a long way.