Working on a beautiful Saturday

I have the advantage of a flexible career, which allows me to spend time with #1 and #2 when many other parents have to be in an office. Most of the time, that’s great. When I take them to school, I can hang out for a few minutes. I can visit classrooms and go on field trips. I can spend the week with them late in the summer doing kooky things like going to the Crayola Factory or looking for pyramids in Bucks county (yes, there are pyramids in Bucks county). The tough part comes on Saturday and Sunday when I have to go into the office to work.

Although I have a flexible career, I still have to work full time. At the end of the summer, when I spend most days with #1 and #2, I end up working late into the night and on the weekends. While nobody really suffers when I work late—okay, I’m groggy in the morning—we all suffer Saturday and Sunday morning when I go into the office. Nothing is harder than trying to explain to little ones that I have to work a certain amount, that I can’t just spend my days with them. After spending a week together, it seems even harder for all of us.

Days like today, when we should be out playing in a park or having a picnic or swimming or [fill in your favorite late summer pastime], it is especially difficult to go to work. Maybe that’s why I didn’t make it into my office until nearly lunch time. And maybe that’s why now, after only a few hours, I am justifying to myself why I should go home and how I will work extra late tonight to make up the time.

Whatever, I’m going home to play.