Co-opting “Main Line Dads”

I started this blog a year ago to provide a space for some of the fathers in the area to arrange for outings, to arrange the ubiquitous “playdate,” and to point to events and activities that might interest local dads. After a faltering start, the blog died. In large part because I didn’t have the energy and in part because I was using the telephone to arrange outings and events with my father friends.

I have decided to try to use this blog for something entirely different: as a space to talk about what it means for me to be a dad out here on the Main Line, and what I see other Main Line dads doing. While I suspect that many of my experiences here will be specific to the Main Line, I hope that some will be sufficiently general to interest people beyond the immediate vicinity.

There will be no shortage of sarcasm and cynicism, and perhaps a bit of pessimism wrapped up in platitudes and banalities. If you take parenting so seriously that joking about it, pointing out its drawbacks and disadvantages, or generally making fun of the entire project upsets you, you might look elsewhere. If despite knowing that this is a calamitous enterprise—for you and your progeny—you remain committed to it, then stick around. You might just find something amusing here.